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I have been writing, on and off, for a good many years. For most of my life, writing has had to take second place to bringing up children and earning a living but now my children have left home and are bringing up their own children and finally I have time to indulge my love of writing.

I wrote my first novel, a western, on a portable typewriter, when I was sixteen. It was so awful I shudder to remember it - but it was just the beginning.

I moved on to writing articles for magazines and then took a course on writing for children. I sold my first childrens' story to DC Thomson's 'Twinkle' in the 1970's. It was a story about Penny & Pepper (a little girl and her pony for those of you who weren't around then). For a long time, I wrote regularly about the comic's familiar characters, Penny & Pepper, Mary and her Lamb, Vicki the Vet etc., until, sadly, the comic went out of print.

Later I started to write short stories for women's magazines and my first sale was to DC Thomson's People's Friend.

I also write verse for greetings cards and articles about Exmoor where we now live.
Exmoor stallion grazing near Dunkery Beacon
Sunset over Porlock Bay
      Gail Crane   Freelance Writer